Get the entire ALBUM download for FREE with a tax deductible gift of $25 or more to one of the following charities...

Your $25 tax deductible donations to one of these worthy charities will help enable them to meet their regular budget needs in providing services and to assistance your fellow Americans in sickness, crisis, and need. Thank you for using your hard earned money to help your friends, neighbors, and perhaps someone in your family who has been stricken by one of life’s most unpredictable and at times unfortunate circumstances. They need your help in getting back on their feet, and I commend you on your continued generous efforts.

In honor of your loving gift, I would like to give you a free download of my latest album. To receive your personal email with free immediate download link, please email a copy of your donation receipt to . If you would prefer a free CD instead of MP3 download, please send check or money order in the amount of $3 (S/H) to

Chuck Brimer
PO Box 6314
Gastonia, NC 28056

Please provide a copy of your donation receipt, street address (for CD’s), and email address with each request.

If you do not see the charity to which you regularly provide your support, please email us with a copy of your receipt, the name, location, and name of charity, and we will make every good effort to fulfill your CD download request.

I certainly appreciate your caring assistance in the lives and families of those in need.
May God bless you in your continued efforts.

Warm regards,

Chuck B                                       


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