Charity List

American Center For Law and Justice
America’s Foodbank
American Foundation for the Blind
National Breast Cancer

Cancer Research
Cancer in Children
Children’s Home
Jobs, Food, Housing Assistance
Pro Life
Family Resources

Children’s Home
Medical Assistance for the Terminally Ill
Cancer and Blood Disorders in Children
Prison Ministry
Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation
Make A Wish Foundation

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
Orphans of America
Guide Dogs For the Blind
Ronald McDonald House
Child Abuse
Children and Aged
Media Watch Dog Group
Brain Tumor Research
Liver Disease
Chron’s and Colitis Foundation
Cystic Fibrosis
Farm Aid

Young Men’s Christian Association
Stop Hunger
Stop Hunger
Stop Hunger
Learn To Read
Learn To Read
Mental Retardation Research
Granting Wishes for Terminal Children
Assistance to injured Police, Fire and Military
Big Brother Big Sister Mentor Program

Boy’s & Girl’s Club of America
Education Scholarships 
Emergency Child Care
Help teachers with classroom needs



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